Thursday, July 24, 2008

You're Not Helping

I listen to a lot of talk radio. A lot of AM talk radio. NPR bores me. I like my radio like I like my whiskey - scratchy and cheap and if you sit with it to long you'll lose your mind.

I listen to weird religious stuff in the morning, weird liberal stuff in the afternoon, and that talk show on AM 640 about shapeshifting reptoids at night. I even listen to Rush Limbaugh, and his equivalent on the left, Randi Rhodes, who both take turns screaming about crazy shit and calling for the execution of whoever they're angry at that day.

Anyway, despite my very eclectic talk radio tastes, I'm a liberal person. I hate Bush. I think we should be out of Iraq, which is why I really hate this terrible radio commercial that airs on the liberal talk station every hour or so...

This is the commercial:

SETTING: A Loud Bar.

WOMAN - This army recruitment officer just hit on me! He says everybody really loves the war!

MAN - Hardly! Have you seen Mike since he got back from combat?

WOMAN - It's so sad! He had such a great life, and now it's ruined. We've GOT to get out of Iraq!

MAN - That's why I wear this pin! (continue on to spiel about the awesome pin he has that says Peace is Patriotic or something and how you can buy awesome pins like that at a website.)

So yeah, I guess my main question is, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? What happened to their friend Mike, and why don't they seem to care? Do they leave Mike at the hospital and say "See you later, dude! We're going to that loud bar in the strip mall next to the army recruitment center. Don't worry - if an army recruitment guy hits on Shirley, I'll just show her my awesome pin and remind her about how you don't have legs anymore."

Rush Limbaugh exists because of half-assed propaganda like that.

And also, because I keep listening to him.

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