Monday, July 27, 2009

accidental perversion

sometimes when i'm deep in thought during an office meeting, i will zone out and i won't have any cognizance of what it is i'm looking at. unfortunately one day i zoned out during a meeting and ended up staring at this guy. this guy was just sitting there on our meeting couch...shirt riding up...boxers exposed. i swear that i wasn't staring at his boxers. but abruptly he looked at me and pulled his shirt down, as if accusing me of perversion. this sudden movement and eye contact pulled me out of my zoned-out-ness. my face went red with shame. and now? every time this guy comes into the office, he now ignores me. my perversion was accidental. my perversion is usually accidental. this guy shouldn't flatter himself so much. his boxers were BORING.